Safety Committee Tips


Tis the Season for thunderstorms! 

Click Here to view a safety checklist for before and after a thunderstorm hits.

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Employees

Employees are encouraged to take the following steps to personally prepare themselves should a crisis affect either the workplace or their individual ability to travel to work.


  • Keep a bottle of water and a few nonperishable snack items in your desk
  • Make sure your emergency contact information is up to date and on file with the HR department
  • Keep a list of personal emergency numbers in your possession
  • If you own a cell phone keep it charged and make sure family and friends have the phone number
  • Make note of important office phone numbers or extensions you may need
  • Keep your car gas tank at least half full at all times and carry bottled water and snacks
  • Keep your car stocked with other items such as a blanket, first aid kit, etc.


From your Safety Committee!

Ohio HeartlandCommunity Action Commission Safety Team prides itself on keeping our buildings and our properties safe for our employees and our clients. If there is saftey issue that needs our attention, please contact us immediately at 877-241-3427 or by using the contact us button on the top right-side of the page.

We appreciate the help keeping OHCAC a safe environment for all.