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The Services provided specifically at the Morrow County Neighborhood Center include: 

·         The Summer Crisis Program (also referred to as Summer HEAP) is available at the center during the months of July and August.  Income eligible customers over the age of 60 can qualify for assistance towards their electric bill and possibly receive fans.  Those ages 59 or younger may also receive assistance if they have an appropriate physician’s authorization of need.  To schedule an appointment for the office during the cooling season (July, August) customers should call 1-866-861-6421.

·         The Winter Crisis Program (Emergency HEAP) is provided at the Morrow County Neighborhood Center site during the months of November through March of each year.  The program provides assistance with primary heating sources for customers at or below 200% of the poverty level and facing a shut-off situation.  The program also assists customers who are on bulk fuel with less than a 10-day supply of fuel on hand.  Appointments for assistance during the program operation period can be obtained by calling 1-866-861-6421.

·         The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus) can assist customers of regulated utilities. This program helps lower-income households maintain gas and electric service by paying a percentage of their household income instead of their actual energy bill(s).  Additional information regarding this program can be found by referencing the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) at this website.  For an appointment please call 1-866-861-6421.

·         The Morrow County Economic Development Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is administered by the Morrow County Neighborhood Center.  Residents of Morrow County may apply for assistance if they own their home and are at least one month late in their mortgage payment.  Based upon the guidelines and funds available our Center can help our residents get back on track and remain in their home.  Eligible applicants must be at or below 80% of the area median income.

·         The Center also works in collaboration with the Morrow County Job and Family Services Department to provide food assistance to families at the Morrow County Food Pantry.  This food pantry is located in the Community Services building (formerly the Job and Family Services building) at 619 West Marion Road, Entrance C, Mount Gilead.  Based on income eligibility, the household member may receive food once per month.  Identification and current address verification are required at each visit.

·         Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) is offered when funds are available.

·         The Morrow County Neighborhood Center provides many referrals to other agencies for services not directly provided by Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission.

·         For more information on these services and their availability, please call the Morrow County Neighborhood Center at 419-946-2009.

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·        Benefits: yes

·        Taxes: yes

·        Voter Registration: yes

·        Open to the Public: no

·        By Appointment Only: yes


·        Wheelchair Accessible: yes

·        Visually Impaired: no

·        Hearing Impaired: no

·        Bilingual Services: no

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