I am Moving I am Learning

The I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL) tool is filled with quick and easy ideas for integrating movement, nutrition, and healthy habits into everyday life. It is available in two formats: one for staff that visit families in the home and parents, and one for classroom teachers and other caregivers.

Staff that visit families in the home and parents discover a virtual world that includes places within the home as well as in the community. These staff members can use the tool with parents to share tips to help integrate learning into a family’s daily routine with ease. Parents can explore the tool on their own to gain ideas between home visitor visits. Places in the virtual world are intended to be areas where families regularly spend their time. This allows discussion around simple, fun activities families can do with their children. The virtual home encourages discussion about oral health, fruits and vegetables, and helping with chores.

Classroom teachers and caregivers may explore a virtual classroom or playground to find ways to add more movement into part of their daily schedule. They will also learn how to enhance nutrition concept activities in group or circle time. The tool is organized by eating area, classroom, and playground areas (e.g., lunch tables, outdoor play equipment, etc.). It allows teachers to choose an environment and then select an object to learn various ways to add movement and language that supports healthy habits. The I Am Moving, I Am Learning tool is meant to be used as a quick, easy way to gain new ideas and can be referenced over and over again.

Additional resources are provided within the tool to extend learning opportunities. Select “Parent” or “Teacher” here to get started.