The Winter Crisis Program has ended. The 2016 Summer Crisis Program (SCP) is to begin on July 1st and you can start calling the appointment hotline at 1.866.861.6421, at the end of June.

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Fatherhood Program

The Fatherhood Program serves Crawford, Marion, and Morrow Counties.  This program is designed to help fathers develop healthy and lasting relationships with their children while assisting them develop the tools needed to provide economic stability for their families.

The program is free for all fathers and offers several services.  Initial assessment and testing is done to complete an individual service plan.  Program services include:

  • Eligibility determination
  • Assessment and Testing to determine employment plan
  • Education/Career Awareness
  • Job Seeking and Job Retention
  • Short Term Vocational and Certificate Training
  • Supportive Services
  • 24/7 Dad Curriculum
  • Financial Planning
  • 90 Day follow-up

For more information on the Fatherhood Program, Contact Alexandra Linder, Fatherhood Program Director.

740-387-1039 x769 or toll free at 877-241-3427 x769.  via email at:

Fatherhood Program address:  372 E. Center St., P.O. Box 779, Marion, Ohio  43301-0779.